Bangladesh Foreign Policy Initiative

Assigned: Professor Dr. Shahab Enam Khan

Strategic Foreign Policy Initiative of Bangladesh

Bangladesh strategically navigates its foreign policy through insightful dialogues with like-minded nations, especially amidst escalating volatility in the Indian Northeast, Myanmar, and the Bay of Bengal. Traditionally relying on diplomatic measures, the nation now acknowledges the need for military and legal strategies, to address unprecedented challenges in the Bay of Bengal.

Submarine movements, arms races, and increased narcotics and human trafficking pose new challenges. Safeguarding sea lines, territorial integrity, and vital resources has become a top priority. Collaborative efforts are crucial in addressing Rohingya challenges, Myanmar provocations, and regional secularism amid the Ukraine crisis.

In the midst of an electoral process, stability is a pressing concern. A recent BCIPA-hosted event played a pivotal role in fostering a strategic dialogue among high-level policymakers and representatives from Indo-Pacific nations and international development partners. Enriched by BCIPA’s insights, the forum strengthened cooperation and comprehensively addressed national security, foreign policy, and political stability.